A good reed knife is indispensable. Our selection includes a wide range of different manufacturers, from the simple beginner's knife to the Japanese high-end product.
Whilst there are always one-side flat-ground knives in a left-handed and right-handed version, two-side flat-ground knives are always suitable for right- and left-handed people due to their design. In our opinion, the two-side flat ground knives have the disadvantage, in that the knife covers part of the reed. Aspects of the reed, such as response, are much more difficult to see and therefore have less precision.

Bevel Edge Knife

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Bevel Edge Knife

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Bevel Edge Knife

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Concave knife

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Double Hollow Ground Knife

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DoubleGeek Gen2 Set

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Folding Blade Knife

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Folding Razor Knife

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Nagamatsu: Steel Knife

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Razor Blade Knife

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Razor Edge Knife

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ReedGeek Bullet

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ReedGeek Edge&Curve

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Utility knife: CM 5200

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