About us

Always innovating, moving with current trends and a passion for reed making - this is what Oboe-Shop prides itself on what we have been immersing ourselves in for the past 20 years

We started Oboe Shop in 2002 - in a small office (6.5m2!!) in our compact Frankfurt home. The employees who joined us in 2007 sat at either the kitchen or dining room table to gouge and shape cane! The screams, shouts and noises of our two children (born in 2004 and 2007) were a constant soundtrack to our work as were their first musical steps on the piano.

In 2008 Nick Deutsch offered us the opportunity to takeover his company oboecane.com. This enabled us to expand our range to include hardness tested cane, a trend that was just beginning at this time.

In 2010 we expanded our selection of oboe music to about 5,000 works.

2014 saw our long awaited move to new offices outside the city. All of the new office space filled up quickly however as we welcomed new employees and more stock, to the extent that it quickly became too cramped! A large part of this new space was designated for the density tested cane that we were now able to offer. We were the first company worldwide to adopt this method from bassoonists and adapt it for the oboe.

We started our cooperation with Marigaux in 2018. Since then Oboe-Shop is responsible for the development and sale of the Marigaux oboe accessories series, which we do in close collaboration with top Marigaux artists.

At the start of 2021 we adapted the legal form of the company to account for the increased number of employees, and since then we have been operating as Oboe Shop GmbH.

Best regards,
Heiko Frosch

A company lives and grows through employees who identify with it. Here is a selection of the people who shape Oboe-Shop:

Oboist, Cane researcher and consultant
Heiko is constantly researching new production methods, shapes and cane. Most of your questions also end up with him.

Supporter with an accent
As a southern French woman she never had the dream of moving to Germany and immersing herself in the oboe world.

“That can still go out today!”
Whizzes through the office like a whirlwind shortly before the parcel collection deadline to make sure that your packet reaches its destination quickly!

Head of Reed Cane
More than 100,000 possible shape variants could take its toll. Mirdie ensures that every employee processes the cane as requested by our customers.

Cane processing, Oboist
When Vera is not teaching or on stage playing in concerts, she helps us by splitting cane.

Cane processing, Oboist
Nobody gouges quicker with a Michel machine!

Even after shaping 800 pieces of cane, nobody is in a better mood than she is!

“Don’t take my bookkeeping away from me!”
A spritely 81 and still doing our bookkeeping

Night owl and hardness tester
Thanks to Veronika our offices are basically occupied 24/7!

Instagrammer and density tester
Sebi is responsible for our Social Media and increases his pocket money by density testing the cane.

"Pawful" resources manager, lowers everyones blood pressure
Always stays calm in stressful situations and stands by us with a reassuring look!

We started Oboe-Shop with the aim of changing the world of reed making. Before 2002 information about oboe cane and reeds was difficult to get hold of and the choice of materials was limited.

I began playing the Oboe at school and later, whilst a student, it became clear to me that any position below the Berlin Philharmonic was out of the question. I took ill at the start of the 2000 and had to give up my dream being a professional oboist. With this my “plan” to change the oboe world came to an abrupt stop. However, by founding Oboe-Shop in 2002 I followed up on my dream of changing the oboe world, this time with high quality cane, a wide range of accessories and as much information as possible about reed making, for example with our shaper form finder and our oboe staple list.

As the head of Oboe-Shop I am driven by the issue of high quality products, the flexible time management of our employees and the quick shipping of goods to our customers. If we succeed in these important areas, and with the highest possible degree of sustainability, then I am happy.

If Oboe-Shop was just about buying and selling oboe accessories then Amazon could do the same job. We are more than just a depot that packs and ships goods. In the hands and minds of our staff are more than 100 years of experience in cane, reed making and the specific requirements of oboists.

The oboe is not a forgiving instrument - it can be merciless. Even a top oboist plays badly with average material. I am (once again!) often on stage and understand what is important when it comes to reeds. Our passion is to gouge and shape the best possible cane and offer a large range of accessories and information to help make your life easier. These are the standards we set ourselves and are happy to be judged on!

Customers from all around the world stop with us because of the extensive range of cane that we offer and the competitive shipping options that we have. Our popularity also extends due to the fact that we have an expert at the end of the phone line who can help you with any questions about shapes, cane density, staples and much more.