Profiling machines for oboe have become an indispensable part of modern reed making. With profiling machines from Reeds ‘n Stuff, Kunibert Michel and Georg Rieger, we carry three important manufacturers with a wide range of different templates.

Blade Adjustment Indicator

174,30€ View details

Blade Adjustment Indicator

179,69€ View details

Lever handle for profiling machine

26,10€ View details

Mandrel for Profiler, Reeds 'n Stuff

from 41,30€ View details

Oboe Profiling Machine, Reeds 'n Stuff

from 1.430,00€ View details

Profiler for Cor Anglais, Kunibert Michel

1.743,00€ View details
from 5.590,00€ View details

Profiler for Oboe, Kunibert Michel

1.743,00€ View details
1.785,00€ View details

Reed Clamp for Profiler

38,48€ View details

Reeds 'n Stuff transport case

75,70€ View details

Replacement Blade for Reeds n Stuff Profiler

89,00€ View details

Scrape length plate for profiler, Reeds 'n Stuff

53,40€ View details

Screw Set for Profiler

2,80€ View details

Screw Set for Profiler

9,70€ View details

Template for Reeds n Stuff profiler

351,60€ View details

Tongue for Profiling Machine

123,55€ View details