3 Elizabethan Pieces for oboe and piano

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5 Hymn Preludes for oboe and keyboard

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7 easy pieces for oboe and piano

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7 great Tunes vol.1 for oboe and piano

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A 19th Century Collection vol.3 for oboe and piano

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Agrell, Jeffrey: Blues for D.D. for oboe and piano

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Aguila, Miguel del: Summer Song for oboe and piano

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Aho, Kalevi: Lied for oboe and piano

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Airobics A collection of pieces for oboe and piano

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Akimenko, Th.: Eclogue for english horn and piano

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Albinoni, Tomaso: Concerto op.9,3 . per 2 oboi e archi Partitur

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Albinoni, Tomaso: Concerto op.9,3 für 2 Oboen und Streicher, Viola

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All jazzed up for oboe and piano

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Alwyn, William: Sonate für Oboe und Klavier

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Amon, Johann Andreas: Sonata C-Dur für Oboe und Klavier

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Amor, Mari: 2 Stücke für Oboe und Klavier

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Amoroseaux vol.1 (+CD) pour hautbois et piano

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Ancelin, Pierre: Garrigues pour hautbois et piano

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Anzaghi, Davide: Tornelli für Oboe und Klavier

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Arrieu, Claude: Impromptu II pour hautbois et piano

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