Oboe-shop operates several websites. Can I combine orders from various websites to receive free shipping?

In addition to oboe-shop.de, we also run the online shops www.oboecane.com, accessories.marigaux.com,, www.fagottissimo.com and www.klarinettenblaetter.de. These are technically independent websites, so separate orders cannot be combined.

However, when placing an order on oboe-shop, you can include a note that you have placed an order on one of our other websites and we will happily reimburse you for any extra shipping costs in the form of additional goods.

Can I buy Marigaux shapers on Oboe-Shop?

Due to licensing reasons, the Marigaux shapers are only available at accessories.marigaux.com until further notice.

What is the difference between brass and nickel silver staples?

Nickel silver staples are characterised by their particularly free vibration, which, however, can often sound too hard and metallic when combined with reeds made in the European style of reed-making. Nickel silver staples are usually used in the US on the Lorée oboes commonly played there; these staples are rarely used in Europe and Asia.

Does the amount of grain on the cane have an effect on its quality?

The question whether the amount of grain influences the cane’s quality is very controversial amongst oboists. While some oboists like a strongly grained cane, others prefer a surface as homogeneous as possible.
Graining occurs when the plants strike each other and the sap that is transported in the fibres runs out and coagulates. Strong graining can therefore be a sign that the cane grew in a windy location, therefore indicating that it is sturdier, ie harder. However, if the grain is greyish, sea salt has entered the plant. In our opinion, these stains make the wood unusable.

Is Oboe-Shop’s Best also available as tubed cane?

We use Rouché tubed cane for Oboe-Shop’s Best. However, due to the high demand for Rouché cane, it is often sold out.

Does Oboe-Shop sell plastic reeds?

In principal, we think that plastic reeds are a very interesting development, but we have tested the reeds made by all the relevant manufacturers intensively and have concluded that they are not (yet) an adequate alternative to conventional reeds. The dynamic range is very small and the durability of the reeds is, in our opinion, only slightly longer than that of reeds made of cane. Therefore, we do not consider the high price of plastic reeds to be justifiable and have therefore decided not to offer these products.

If I buy cane with different shapes and thicknesses, will I still get a quantity discount on the total order?

Packaging, bagging and, in the case of shaped cane, changing the shapers, takes a lot of time and effort. This is why we grant a discount whenever larger quantities of any single item are purchased. However, if you select products with different parameters, the time and effort required to process the order increases, so we are unable to offer a discount on the combined order.

I placed an order but forgot an item. How can I add this item to my order?

Please simply order the forgotten item online. Leave a message in the "Your message to us" box with the order number of the first order and a note to send both together. We will refund the second postage charge in the form of additional merchandise.

Which mandrel fits my staple?

To ensure that the staple is held securely during the tying-on process and that the mandrel does not change the shape of the staple, it is important to always use a mandrel that matches the staple you are using. For example, when using a Chiarugi 2 staple, a Chiarugi 2 mandrel should be used.

Is there a difference between cane grown on a plantation and cane grown in the wild?

On a plantation, it is easier to get a higher yield of cane with the desired diameters (10,0-10,5 and 10,5-11,0) by carefully selecting the plants. This makes the producers’s work easier but there is no difference in quality compared to cane grown in the wild.

What is the difference between a semi-automatic and a fully-automatic oboe?

On a semi-automatic oboe, there are separate keys for the first and second octaves, which must be operated separately. On a fully-automatic oboe, the two octave keys are operated "automatically" by a single key when required. The semi-automatic system is more common worldwide; the fully-automatic system is found mainly in Germany, Poland and the Netherlands.

What is the difference between a French and a Viennese oboe?

From the baroque instrument with only two keys, the oboe developed in different directions: one of them is the oboe with the so-called “système conservatoire”, which was developed in France and is now played all over the world. Another is the Viennese model, which differs from the French model in a multitude of ways including the type of wood used, the shape of the bore, the mechanics and the sound. The Viennese oboe is used exclusively by the Vienna Philharmonic.

Can I return reeds?

For hygienic reasons we cannot take back any reeds.

What is the oboe mouthpiece called?

The mouthpiece is called the oboe reed, or just "reed" for short.

What does the oboe sound like?

The oboe's sound is a very distinctive and expressive and can range from dark and velvety to thin and bright.

What are the individual parts of an oboe?

The oboe consists of four main parts: an upper joint, a middle joint, the bell and an oboe reed.

What instrument was the predecessor of the oboe?

The oboe is a further development of the shawm.

From what age can a child learn to play the oboe?

This has to be decided individually depending on the child’s development, but usually 10 years is a good age to start.

Where and when was the oboe invented?

There is no specific date or place where the oboe was invented. The first instruments in the oboe family already existed as early as 2800 BC in Ancient Egypt, in Ancient Greece and in Ancient Rome. The name “oboe” was used to describe a type of shawm as early as the 15th century.

Why do orchestras tune to the oboe's A?

The oboe tunes the orchestra by playing a concert pitch A. Compared to other orchestral instruments the oboe has a clear and direct sound that can be easily heard by everyone..

Why is the oboe black?

The oboe is usually mode of grenadilla wood, which has a black colour.

Why is the oboe a woodwind instrument?

The oboe is classified as a woodwind instrument because its sound is produced by a double reed (which is made of reed).

What kind of wood is the oboe made of?

Grenadilla wood is usually used, but some instruments are made of boxwood, ebony, rosewood or plastic.

What does the word “oboe” mean?

The word comes from the French word “hautbois” meaning high (haut) wood (bois).

What does an oboe cost?

A good student oboe costs around 3.000€ when purchased new while professional oboes cost upwards of 9,000€. However, there are also cheaper beginner oboes available.

Which can play higher: oboe or clarinet?

The clarinet has a larger range overall and can play both higher and lower than the oboe.

What is the range of the oboe?

The range of an oboe is from the Bb bellow middle C to the A three octaves higher.

Which oboe should I buy?

You should always ask for advice from a professional before deciding which oboe to buy.

Which oboe ist best for beginners?

Student instruments, offered by all major oboe brands, are the most suitable for beginners.

Which oboe does Albrecht Mayer play?

Albrecht Mayer plays instruments made by Gebrüder Mönnig, which he developed together with Ludwig Frank.

What key is the oboe in?

The oboe is written in C and plays in the treble clef.

What does an oboe look like?

The oboe is a thin, conical instrument about the size of an alto recorder. It is usually black with silver keys and is fitted with a mouthpiece called a reed, which is inserted in the top of the oboe.

Where does the oboe sit in an orchestra?

The oboe is seated next to the flutes and in front of the bassoons.

In which musical genres can one hear the oboe?

The oboe is mainly used in so-called classical music, but is also played in wind bands and can also be heard in pop, jazz and film music.

Which woodwind instrument is most similar to the oboe?

The oboe’s sound it truly unique and therefore not similar to any other woodwind instrument.

How does one make an oboe reed?

There are various books that are useful guides when learning to make an oboe reed:

Which animal does the oboe represent in Peter and the Wolf?

The oboe plays the role of the duck.

Which method books are suitable for beginners?

Method books from Doemens/Maiwald, Doemens/Maiwald, Schaeferdiek or Hinke are all great options for beginner oboists.

How long should one practise oboe every day?

You can make good progress with 20-30 minutes of practise a day. However, as with all instruments, you should practise more if you want to be really good.

Is the oboe a difficult instrument to learn?

With the appropriate instrument, an easy reed and a good teacher, the oboe is not harder to learn than any other instrument.

Can you teach yourself to play the oboe?

The oboe and its reeds are highly complex. In order to avoid forming bad habits at the beginning, it is highly advisable to have lessons with an experienced teacher.

What is a double reed?

A double reed is a mouthpiece made of two pieces of reed, one on top of the other, that vibrate against each other to produce a sound. The top part of the reed looks a bit like a flattened straw.

Is there an oboe mute?

Yes, Lorée has made mutes for oboes. However, only the notes in the lower register are slightly muted and its effect can not be compared to that of a trumpet mute, for example.

Do oboists suffer from cranial pressure?

Playing the oboe certainly exerts more pressure on the head than playing a recorder or the clarinet. However, with the right breathing technique and an appropriately easy reed, this pressure is completely harmless.

What are the major oboe manufacturers?

There are many renowned oboe manufacturers such as Marigaux, Lorée, Rigoutat, Mönnig, Ludwig Frank, Mollenhauer, Bulgheroni, Yamaha and Howarth, to name a few.

Is the oboe also a jazz instrument?

The oboe is only rarely used in jazz. Jean Luc Fillon aka Oboman, however, is a great representative of the jazz oboe, as is the band “Oregon“.

How long is the oboe?

Without the reed, the oboe measures roughly 60cm. This varies slightly depending on the brand.

How heavy is the oboe?

Oboes weigh about 700g - slightly more or less depending on the model and brand.

Can one learn to play the oboe as an adult?

Of course one can learn the oboe as an adult!

How many keys does the oboe have?

The modern oboe has at least 15 but usually around 23 keys, which can nevertheless be played comfortably with all 10 fingers.

What is an oboe quartet?

An oboe quartet is a piece of music composed for four instruments, one of which is the oboe. One of the most famous oboe quartets is by W.A. Mozart: The quartet KV 370 for oboe, violin, viola and cello. The oboe quartet is not to be confused with a “quartet for four oboes“.

How is a sound produced on the oboe?

The sound is produced by the reed, which is previously soaked and then inserted into the top of the oboe. When air is blown through the reed, the sides of the reed vibrate against each other and produce a sound.

How do you assemble an oboe?

The individual parts of the oboe are fitted with tenons, which help link the individual parts. First, the bell is attached to the tenon on the middle joint, then this is connected to the tenon on the top joint. Finally, the oboe reed is inserted into the small opening in the top joint and the oboe is ready to be played.

What is “The Oboe Doctor”?

The Oboe Doctor is a book by Marc Schaeferdiek, that explains in a clear and concise way how to repair and adjust oboes.

Which pop songs feature the oboe?

The most famous use of the oboe in pop music is probably “Twist in my Sobriety” by Tanita Tikaram.

Where can I download a free oboe fingering chart?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a free fingering chart for oboe, but you can get a printed one from us on good quality paper.

Where can one rent oboes?

From time to time we have oboes available to rent - contact us to enquire!

Where can I find oboe music?

The oboe-shop catalogue contains over 6.000 pieces for oboe in all kinds of of instrumentations.

Where can I find oboe accessories?

Oboe-Shop sells almost every oboe accessory available.

I would like to sell my oboe. What is the best way to do this?

We buy used oboes, please see our guidelines.