Breathing Book for Oboe

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Daily exercises for oboe

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Der Oboendoktor

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Der Weg zum guten Oboenrohr

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Ein denkendes Schilfrohr, Lajos Lencsés

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Foundations of oboe playing (en)

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How to Scrape an Oboe Reed

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Ich baue ein Oboenrohr (de)

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Kleine Rohrbauanleitung für Oboe

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Le roseau pensant, Lajos Lencsés

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Method for Baroque Oboe

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Mut zum Lampenfieber

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Oboe Art and Method, en

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Oboe reed adjustment (en)

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Oboenrohre bauen (k)eine Kunst

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Principles of baroque oboe learning

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Reliable Reeds

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The Hautboys Reed Book (en, de)

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The oboe doctor

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The way to a good oboe reed

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Understanding the Oboe Reed

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Von der Holzstange zum Oboenrohr

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Wie schabt man ein Oboenrohr?

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