Book: Three Hundred Years of Music for the Lower Oboes, 1660s-1960s

商品番号 001374 メーカー Michael Finkelman
This is a full historical listing of works in all genres for or with any of the members of the oboe family deeper than the treble: that is, the oboe d'amore, the English horn, the bass oboe and their cognate instruments in similar ranges (the oboe grande, the vox humana, the oboe da caccia, etc.)

The time period covered is the first three centuries of the existence of these instruments, and lost works are included. This is the product of forty-eight years of research, using every available reference in all of the European languages, with full bibliographic/scholarly apparatus included.

Documented in these listings are not only solo and chamber works of every kind for these instruments, but also important orchestral and operatic works employing them in a significant fashion. Representative recordings are also cited. From both the performer's and historian's viewpoint, this book should be quite revelatory, and a welcome contribution to the musical research literature, as it contains a large quantity of data never before collected in one volume, much of it heretofore unknown.

(768 pages, hardbound.)