Book: Daily exercises for oboe

商品番号 OS-33 メーカー Francesco Di Rosa
With this book of daily exercise is not so much my intention to propose something new or special, but share with the other oboists the exercises that from the beginning of my career have proved very useful and still are my traveling companions. Point of reference for this work were the methods of great oboists of the past as Gillet, Prestini or a great teacher and British flutist Trevor Wye. I developed, revised and, in the case of the Wye exercises for flute, oboe adapted these exercises with an emphasis on expressive dynamics and related air for proper use. To make effective the method, I have developed a program of weekly study guide for the oboist in his "training." Finally, a chapter is devoted to basic warm-­-up exercises, a "warm up" essential to deal with the right foot the study or the big concerts.

Francesco Di Rosa

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