Book: Method for Baroque Oboe

商品番号 001431 メーカー Guillermo Beltrán Plumed
Guillermo Beltrán Plumed says about his baroque oboe method:
Do you want to learn to play baroque oboe but don’t know how to begin?

Are you teacher and don’t know what pieces to recommend when you teach baroque oboe because any score, no matter how easy, has difficulties to solve for someone who is beginning to play? The Method for Baroque Oboe is a manual designed for amateurs, self-taught musicians or professionals who teach baroque oboe.

It is a progressive learning method, which starts from scratch, with exercises designed to learn to play baroque oboe without leaving any loose ends and that uses pieces from both treatises and compilations of music written in the s. XVIII.

The treatises of that period are useful if you already know how to play the baroque oboe, because they provide information about style, articulations, etc. but until now there was no one who taught to play from the very beginning.
Through exercises and selected original pieces (some adapted so that they can be played without knowing 'al the notes') the oboist will play all possible fingerings, several ornamental combinations and will work on the main forms from the Suite.