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About Fossati:
Gérard Fossati created his first instrument in 1983 bringing to it his already extensive skills and experience. He also showed a strong desire to improve the oboe making in general. His wish has always been the optimization of the whole instrument (i.e mechanic, sound, tune...) so has to suit best musicians' expectations.

Thanks to the combination of his know-how and to the use of new technologies (CAD for R&D, numeric lathe...), the Fossati instruments have acquired a forever lasting reliability. 20 years after the setting up of the firm, this alchemy has made the Fossati brand an important name on the international oboe market. The Fossati team considers that the musicians have to be at the core of his thoughts in the process of instrument making. This is why he works « hand in hand » with many players. From Brazil to Russia or from Japan to the USA, Fossati does not hesitate to travel the world to meet them.

« Each country has its own particularities. Each musician is different and has his own morphology, his own way to gouge and shape the reeds. Taking into account these parameters is essential to renew with the instrument making tradition ».

All those meetings have allowed Fossati develop a complete range of instruments (oboes, english horns, oboes d'amore and bass oboes). Each of the instruments is tested by a professional musician:

Today around 20 people make more than 700 instruments a year in our factory based in Montargis (South of Paris). The company also owns a repairing shop located in Paris, nearby the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique. Since 1983, the same passion has nourished the Fossati's team. This is this very same passion that has led Fossati to constantly look for solutions to oboists' problems.