Technical Basics of Oboe Playing - Master Edition

Artikelnummer: 001408 Hersteller: Andreas Mendel (Konikos)
Andreas Mendel has expanded his successful series with this new 'Master edition'. Following on from 'The technical basics of oboe playing - major edition' Andreas has written this new version which addresses important themes such as support, breathing technique and tone production.

Alongside Andreas Mendels exercises on finger and hand positioning, technique, chords and embouchure training, the book has some exciting guest contributions: Andreas Schultze-Florey discussing double tonguing, Herta Maurer-Kraft on the optimisation of breathing muscle function for wind players and Isa Terwiesche covering breathing and tone production.

The book is rounded off by five questions around the subject of airflow and support which have been asked by Clara Dent-Boganyi, Nick Deutsch, Albrecht Mayer, Marie-Luise Modersohn, Daniela Tessmann, Christian Wetzel and Gregor Witt.
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