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Everything about the oboe


Stolen instruments

The following struments are currently reported as stolen. If any of you are offered this oboe by a seller, please contact the local police.

Buffet Crampon, student oboe

serial number: 23580 , stolen at 18.10.2017

please contact:

Marigaux Englischhorn

serial number: 16030 , stolen at 03.07.2017 between 13:00 and 14:00 ICE Frankfurt /Flughafen - Siegburg/Bonn.

please contact: +49 (0) 176 / 931 80 949

Oboe Yamaha 431

serial number 431 038903 , stolen near Aschaffenburg, 08.12.2016.

Oboe F. Lorée CABART

serial number 12125 , stolen in Terrassa ,Barcelona on 23.08.2016.


Oboe Marigaux 901

serial number 39020, , stolen in Cologne, 21.08.2016


Oboe "Schreiber" Modell 4055/G

Serial number 2559, stamped "Buffet"

Hinweise bitte an elke.heinrich(at) Vielen Dank!

Cor anglais Marigaux 230, Serien-Nr. NB7TL

Stolen 1.11.2013 in Gasteig (Mhen)
amandine.riou [ at ]
81543 Mhen

Marigaux Modell 901 Nr. 35565

Stolen in Barelona, owned by Guillermo Sanchis

Collection of 11 oboes

  1. Oboe Grundmann-Camus ca.1780
    Upper joint signed "Grundmann" with number "1" and two crossed swords, lower joint and bell signed "Camus Paris", bell badly cracked, 2 horn mounts on the Camus joints, 2 silver keys, all parts have the same stained color and are made of boxwood. See picture.
  2. Oboe Peuckert ca. 1815
    All joints signed "Peuckert Breslau", 8 brass keys, boxwood with ivory rings.Top onion movable for tuning. See pictures.
  3. Oboe F. Ludwig ca. 1840
    Signed "F.Ludwig/Prag", length 54.2 cm, eight brass keys, stained boxwood. See pictures.
  4. Oboe Berthold & Sohne ca. 1890
    All parts signed "Berthold & Sohne" , dark stained boxwood, nickel (?) keywork, horn mounts, good playing condition. Very top movable for tuning. No picture.
  5. Oboe Louis Muller, Lyon, ca.1860
    Ebony wood, silver keywork, wood and keywork in bad state. No picture.
  6. Oboe Loree nr. U56, ca. 1910
    Ebony wood, silvered keywork with thumbplate system, good playing condition. In original case. No picture.
  7. Oboe Loree Royal nr. KE58, ca. 1990
    Ebony wood, silvered keywork, good playing condition. No picture, for similar instrument see the internet. In original case.
  8. Oboe d'amore Peter van der Poel ca.1997
    Copy of a Denner instrument, signed "P.v.d.Poel", three brass keys, clear boxwood. No picture. For similar instrument google "oboe d'amore baroque".
  9. Oboe da caccia Peter van der Poel ca. 1997
    Copie of Eichentopf instrument, signed "P.v.d.Poel", two brass keys, brass bell, black stained maple wood with black leather cover, clear & clumsy repair by Eduard Wesly with gaffer tape (!) ca. 10 cm from top. See picture.
  10. English horn, anonymous, end of 18th century
    equally and lightly bent like a caccia with three (or two?) brass keys, covered in black leather. Not signed. Instrument in one part, bell missing. No picture.
  11. Bell of a Cahusac oboe, ca. 1760
    The one who finds this bell gets extra flowers since the thieves lost and left the two other joints on my stairs in a towel, making this beautiful and expensive oboe pretty worthless and probably lost as a complete instrument for posterity. Dark brown stained boxwood. One ivory ring on the bell. See picture of the two joints still in my possession and imagine the elegant missing bell for yourself.
  12. Please contact:
    Eduard Wesly

    Marigaux-Oboe Modell 910

    full automatic
    covered finger holes, golden plated
    Serialnumber 35782 (on the back of the first key "S" engraving)
    characteristic on the height is a fault of hitting something
    case of the oboe: black, inside red, inscription  "Alex Klein" 
    (silver) "Albrecht Mayer" (golden)
    bag o the case: black with inscription "Marigaux"
    Also in the bag included were
    -  various material for building reeds (2 knifes: one double hollow 
    ground knife)
    - reed case, black, for 50 reeds, special characteristic: on the top 
    is an autograph of Albrecht Mayer ("Albrecht Mayer, f 
    - scores of Nielson and Vivaldi, Audition parts for Oboe
    - Metronom (green, small, SEIKO)
    Yu-Ching Yang
    Brouwserweg 100
    6216GE Maastricht
    Tel. +31-6-26071526

    Fossati Modell J10, Nr. 10067

    Ort: 84 Bus von Stuttgart nach Sindelfingen
    Datum: 01.07.2010
    Eigner: Kirsty Wilson

    LorRoyal Nr. NZ 13

    Ort: Station Barcelona Sants
    Datum: April 30 2010
    Eigner: Christopher Bouwman | Im Herrnwald 4 | 65779 Kelkheim | Tel. +49 (0) 61 95 / 977 17 90 | Fax. +49 (0) 61 95 / 977 17 91
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