Spray desinfectante: HEYDAY'S - mp refresh - wood

Artículo el número: HEYDAY-REFRESH-WOOD Fabricante: Heyday's
Who has not quickly reached for a student's instrument in order to demonstrate that the problem is not with that instrument but with insufficient practice…? Herpes is often the reward next morning. There is a high risk of contact infections from mouthpieces – and whilst herpes is not dangerous, yet it is unpleasant. Particularly woodwind instruments are affected due to the open-pored organic material they are made of - in combination with the humid-warm climate it is an ideal culture medium for bacteria, viruses and fungi. So players of woodwinds are much more at risk than their colleagues in the brass department. We have developed a simple solution which surpasses present standards. For all who have high hygienic standards and care responsibly for their own health as well as that of others…
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