Tuning ring set, oboe: 2-6mm

Product number: STIMMRING-SET Manufacturer: Oboe Shop

Every oboist knows the problem:
You get into a cold church and your tune is much too high. So you pull out the reed and the pitch gets lower. But along with the lower pitch, the oboe goes out of tune.

The reason that the gap between the staple and the oboe is bigger than the staple itself. The more you pull out the reed, the bigger the gap gets and the bigger will your intonation problems be.

Our tuning ring helps here and makes the staple virtually 2-6mm longer. Like this there is no gap and the oboe will play in perfect tune.

2mm tuning ring correspond to about 1,5Hz

The second use of the tuning rings is especially interesting for 2nd oboist in an orchestra and for them not less than a little revolution.

Using the tuning ring you are now able to play a cor anglais reed with perfect intonation on an oboe. Like this you can play the low register very quietly without any problems of responsiveness.

Furthermore changing from oboe to cor anglais becomes much easier. Just warum up the cor anglais reed on the oboe and switch to the cor anglais with a reed ready for a solo!

The set contains:
  • 1x Tuning ring - 2mm
  • 1x Tuning ring - 3mm
  • 1x Tuning ring - 4mm
  • 1x Tuning ring - 5mm
  • 1x Tuning ring - 6mm