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Book: Oboe Reed Styles (en)

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Eines der interessanten Bücher über das Thema Rohrbau!

Das Buch zeigt Gegenlicht-Fotografien und Vermaßungen der Rohre der größten Oboisten des 20. Jahrhunderts.

Nur auf Englisch erschienen, aber leicht lesbar

Theory and Practice

David A. Ledet
Foreword by Richard Killmer

Reedmaking techniques of the masters
"A major work for teachers and performers alike." —Franck Avril, The Double Reed

"One of the best technical volumes on international musical life." —Das Musikinstrument

". . .an extraordinary contribution to the international oboe world, not only as a reference/documentary or reed styles but also as a compilation of important performers and their practices, including the great and influential Marcel tabuteau and Fernand Gillet. . . . [a] fascinating study . . . ." —Peggy Grant, Northern Kentucky University, AMERICAN MUSIC TEACHER , Sept. 1, 2009

For nearly 300 years, oboe players have painstakingly evolved the individualized skill of reedmaking. David A. Ledet's unique study of techniques for styling oboe reeds analyzes, in detail, 166 examples of reeds by 80 artists from 14 countries. Each reed is strikingly photographed both in reflected light and in silhouette, clearly illustrating the relative thickness and shaping of the various sections of the reed. Oboists' reflections on their reedmaking techniques and brief biographical sketches introduce the photographs. As background to his survey, Ledet discusses various aspects of tone production, gives a brief history of the instrument, and offers valuable advice about pedagogical techniques. The book also documents musicians such as Robert Bloom, Henri de Busscher, Janet Craxton, Peter Graeme, Harold Gomberg, John Mack, Ronald Roseman, Ray Still, and the celebrated Marcel Tabuteau. Oboe Reed Styles is a historical and technical record, essential for teachers, performers, and students of all ages and abilities.

David A. Ledet, Professor Emeritus of Music at the University of Georgia, is co-author of The Art of Oboe Playing.

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