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Rund um die Oboe


Book: Foundations of oboe playing (en)

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“Foundations of Oboe Playing by Marc Schaeferdiek is a very coherent and motivating book which every oboist should own, regardless of whether they are amateur, a younger or an older student, or professional!”
Maarten Dekkers (Principal Oboe, West-German Radio Orchestra, Professor, Conservatorium of Rotterdam)

“The new book Foundations of Oboe Playing by Marc Schaeferdiek is very thoroughly and lovingly formulated to cover all essential aspects of oboe playing.
Equipped with daily exercises and numerous tips, this oboe tutor is a real asset for all oboists and oboe enthusiasts!”
Albrecht Mayer (Principal Oboe, Berlin Philharmonic)

“The book Foundations of Oboe Playing is a comprehensive and systematic handbook, suitable for every oboist. It will help to improve every oboists technical and artistic skill on the instrument.”
Prof. Dr.h.c. Francois Leleux (University of Music Munich)

“I find Foundations of Oboe Playing very helpful and enlightening. Until now, subjects such as breath control, support, tongue-position while playing, or posture have tended to be neglected in literature on the oboe. I can warmly recommend Foundations of Oboe Playing to every oboist!”
Fumiaki Miamoto (Professor, Tokyo College of Music)

“Not too late, but very expectantly awaited by everyone who engages with this instrument. Following intensive analysis of Foundations of Oboe Playing, I am thrilled – there has never been such an intensive presentation. Commendations to Marc Schaeferdiek!”
Günther Passin (Professor, Mozarteum University, Salzburg)

“I am overjoyed that there is at last a methodical tutor which looks exhaustively at the complicated balancing act within the whole body when playing oboe. The oboe student is expertly encouraged to proceed slowly and methodically through the learning steps, observing themselves closely in order to carefully build a physical basis for healthy and economical music-making.”
Christian Wetzel (Professor, University of Music Köln)
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